50 States Child Support Guidelines

In our current moble and ofter transient society, due to financial necessity, divorces often resulting in one parent moving to other states for jobs for support of their family. This ofter raises questions about how child support is calculated in different states. Every state is very different, but there is a website available that has child support calculators, statutes, and case law for all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

http://www.supportguidelines.com/links.html provides links to help people quickly access this information for many different locations. Generally, the state child lived in the last 6 months is the state with jurisdiction over the child support issue. So, the question becomes, if child support was entered originally in Colorado, can it still be modified in Colorado if the children no longer reside in the state. The quick answer is YES, if the parties agree on the calculation, a court will usually approved a stipulation based upon the Colorado formula..

If the parties cannot agree, a new action may be required in the state the children are currently living in, if they have been there longer than six months. This will require that a new case be opened in the new state, new filing fees, new financial document production and a new set of court rules. Ofter, the net result makes reaching an agreement in Colorado cheaper for all the parties involved.

If you would like to analyze your particular situation, contac Mediation Partners to discuss the facts of your particular case.