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Divorce is never easy, and can be quite expensive! When the divorcing couple makes the decision to divorce, their emotions are usually very raw, leading them to make decisions that may not be in the best interest for themselves or their children.

Mediation is a low cost, less stressful way to resolve your differences. The mediator is a third party neutral, who has legal knowledge and experience to assist you both in making rational decisions that are both fair and practical to all involved parties.

When participating in mediation, you both have the opportunity to have your side be known, while calmly listening to the other parties’ side. The mediator helps you both to understand the law and how it is applied in your particular situation. With this knowledge, the mediator works with you both so that agreements can be made that fits best for your lifestyle, while protecting your future needs.

Mediation also helps with co-parenting. Because both parties were able to reach an agreement, the feeling of control and satisfaction translates to your children that despite the divorce, you can still both work together to raise your children. This allows the children to feel more secure and overall easier to adjust to the divorce.

The cost of litigating a divorce can frequently be in the tens of thousands of dollars. Spending that kind of money to fight with your spouse in court means there is much less money to do the things that are necessary and make you happy. With litigation, the ultimate decision is made by the judge, which typically leaves both parties feeling that their needs were not considered or met, and neither party truly feels satisfied. This can translate to the children as bitterness and anger toward the other party, which can cause the children to feel that their future is uncertain.

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