Castle Rock Divorce Mediation Lawyer

Mediation is a low cost, less stressful alternative to litigating your divorce.  Nobody wants to go through a divorce, and everybody has heard of the horror stories of how somebody lost everything in their divorce.  Why leave your future up to a judge?

With mediation, the parties are active participants in the final outcome of the divorce agreement.  You are encouraged to air your differences in a safe and controlled environment which helps with the emotional healing.  Then the mediator will share his legal knowledge and experience with you, and guide you to make decisions that are fair and practical for all parties.  Your active participation in reaching the agreements will allow you to feel more satisfied and less angry.

All issues will be discussed, including division of assets, debts, future care, and the needs of your children.  A parenting plan will be put in place that both parents agreed to, leaving you to be a happier and better parent to your children.  Your children will, in turn, feel more secure about their future, allowing them to better adjust to the changes that divorce brings.

The cost savings to mediation versus litigation can be significant.  It is not uncommon for a litigated divorce to cost tens of thousands of dollars between both parties.  Mediation is quicker, which results in significantly lower costs.  Saving money through mediation means more money in your pocket to spend on both necessities, as well as things that make you happy.

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