Commerce City Divorce Mediation Lawyer

When you hear the word “divorce” you instantly think of costly and time consuming litigation, which produces images of anger and bitterness.   It doesn’t have to be that way!

Mediation is a low cost, less stressful way of resolving your divorce issues. The parties come together to meet with the Mediator.  After hearing both sides, the Mediator, who has legal experience and knowledge of the laws will help you work together toward a practical and reasonable resolution to all of your differences.

Agreements will be designed to best serve all parties involved.  This typically results in a much higher satisfaction with the final results of the divorce, making the terms easier to live with.

Children usually suffer the most when their parents litigate their divorce.  The children feel trapped in the middle of the conflict between the two most important people in their lives.  With mediation, the children feel more secure that their parents were able to work together toward a resolution.  They feel less trapped between their parents, and overall have an easier time adjusting to their new lives.

Litigating a divorce can cost in the tens of thousands of dollars!  A typical retainer for a divorce attorney is about $3,500 each party.  That’s $7,000 just to start your divorce!   The cost of mediation, however, is far less than a typical charge for one party in litigation, and is shared between the parties.  This leaves more money in your pocket, significantly reducing or eliminating the financial strain of a litigated divorce.

Regardless of the complexity of the issues, or the amount of assets or debts, and whether or not you have children, our Mediator has the experience to help you with all issues.  Mediation can take as few as 2-3 appointments to reach an agreement. Once the agreements have been reached, the Mediator will then prepare the paperwork so all you have to do is file it with the Court.

Mediation Partners will help you make this transition as economical, quick and painless as possible.

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