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Alternative Dispute Resolution for Divorce

Deciding to end a marital relationship is a tough decision that requires much forethought, discussion and emotional energy for both spouses. Why add to the stress of the situation by making the divorce more difficult and litigious than it needs to be? Divorce mediation helps couples begin new stages of their lives independently without the contestation of a normal divorce. An Englewood divorce mediation lawyer at our firm can assist you in divorcing amicably.

Often, divorces leave partners who were once in love full of bitterness and hate. The divorce process can make it much harder on the children, who may become caught in between their parents. Divorce mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution. With mediation, neither spouse has a specific, individual representative. Instead, a mediator helps both work through the terms of their divorce, keeping everyone’s best interests in mind. No parent wants to watch his or her child become the center of a bitter battle, having to choose sides and contemplate decisions far beyond his or her years.

Divorce Mediation in Englewood, CO

Are you searching for a caring and compassionate legal representative who will support you through the entire divorce process? An Englewood divorce mediator at our firm may be the solution you are seeking. Whether you need legal guidance for child support, child custody, spousal support, division of assets or division of parental responsibilities, we can help. We are committed to resolving problems between spouses without the anger, frustration and tears.

With a mediated divorce, there is a significantly higher chance that you will be able to interact with your ex-spouse in a productive and friendly manner after the divorce. This is emotionally better to both you, your ex and your children.

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