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Mediation is a low cost, less stressful alternative to litigating your divorce.  Nobody wants to go through a divorce, and everybody has heard of the horror stories of how somebody lost everything in their divorce.  Why leave your future up to a judge?

When participating in mediation, you both have the opportunity to have your side be known, while calmly listening to the other parties’ side.  The mediator helps you both to understand the law and how it is applied in your particular situation.  With this knowledge, the mediator works with you both so that agreements can be made that fits best for your lifestyle, while protecting your future needs.

Our mediator has the legal knowledge and experience to make sure that the needs of all parties are fairly addressed and the future needs of everyone has been taken into consideration and discussed.


Litigation can be a very costly, and long process.  When the final decisions are left up to the Judge, it increases the level of anger and bitterness felt by one or both parties.  Further, the cost of both parties hiring their own attorney, and having all communication be done through their attorney can easily run in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Whether you have a 6 month marriage or a 50 year marriage, children or no children, many assets or very little assets hassle


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