Divorce Mediation services in Highlands Ranch

Mediating your divorce is the least stressful and most cost effective alternative to litigation.  Each appointment is designed to allow both parties to sit down with a neutral party, the Mediator, discuss issues concerning their marriage, and work toward resolving their differences and reach agreements to all aspects of the divorce, including division of assets, parental responsibilities, child support, and parenting time, as well as any other concerns you may have.


Our Mediator is experienced in family law, and can help guide you through the difficult decisions of divorcing couples.  Having this experienced guidance will assist you in reaching fair and practical solutions to all issues concerning your divorce.


Having the assistance of an impartial mediator alleviates the conflict that divorce typically has, as you both are able to have your say and agree upon the final outcome.  The results of mediation are normally satisfactory to all parties, much faster than a litigated divorce, and considerably less expensive than litigating your divorce.  This non-stressful approach to your divorce transfers to your children as well, allowing them to make a comfortable adjustment to the divorce.


Regardless of how simple, or complex the issues are, you can be assured that our Mediator will offer you the tools to accomplishing a low-stress divorce.


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