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Divorce is a difficult process. In addition to the emotional roller coaster that you experience, there is the legal aspect that must be dealt with.

Mediation is a low-stress, low cost alternative to litigation. With the help of a neutral party-the Mediator- your input is used to develop a fair and practical agreement on all aspects of your divorce.

Our experienced Mediator will help you resolve issues on the division of assets, parenting plans, child support, and spousal support. The Mediator’s experience will help you to understand any tax issues that may arise because of your changes.

The mediation process is designed to offer both parties the ability to speak freely in a non-threatening environment. As an active participant in the decision making, this helps each of you feel more in control of your future, rather than litigation where it is left to a judge to make the determination and awards.

Litigation takes a great deal of time, and the cost is substantially more than mediation, and frequently litigation causes both parties to feel they have no control over their situation, leaving both parties ultimately less satisfied with the results.

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