Changes to Child Support Calculations

The Colorado legislature periodically makes changes to the child support guidelines and the methods of calculation for divorcing parties, partners who co-parent children after separation.  If you previously had a divorce decree and support order entered and are now seeking modification of the previous order, you should contact a professional divorce  mediator at Divorce Help Center to assist both of you.  One of the more recent changes allowed for a deduction from a income for all children not of the parties marriage, including (the change) children born after the end of the relationship of the parents/parties.  This law is applied to child support calculations and modifications made after January 1, 2008.  Therefore, if you have a previous child support order in place that has not been reviewed recently, and you have now had additional children born to a subsequent relationship with a different partner, then the new law allows you credit for your new children by applying a deduction to your gross income for the expense of that child/children.