Changes to Douglas County Domestic Courts

Domestic Relations Courts are some of the busiest in the state. In Douglas County, as of 10/15/11, there are now 3 fulltime Domestic Divisions made up of two fulltime judges and one fulltime magistrate and a fulltime family court facilitator. Additionally, Elbert and Lincoln counties are now served jointly by one fulltime judge.

Each Domestic Relations division has 1 to 1.5 staff and each receives over 1,000 e-filings and over 250 phone calls/e-mails from counsel and pro se parties per week. Staff must address every e-filing, phone call, and e-mail, along with their duties to review pending matters, manage the caseload, address emergencies, pull mail and files, and assist the judge or magistrate in court.

If Mediation Partners prepared your paperwork for a Douglas County case, your family court facilitator is Heather Lang. Her number is . If you case is in Arapahoe County, your family court facilitator is Terry Nyberg who can be reached at .

If you have further questions about a particular jurisdiction or procedure, please contact Mediation Partners at your convenience.