Child Support Modification – 10% rule

C.R.S. 14-10-112(1)(a) allows modification of an existing child support order only upon showing that there has been a change in circumstances that are substantial on continuing since the previous divorce order or support order.  “Substantial” change requires at a minimum a 10% change in the amount of child support due per month when compared to the child support order that is currently in effect.  If the court previously approved an order that allowed for deviation from the child support guidelines, then the court may now evaluate both the child support amount previously ordered as well as the child support amount that the guidelines would have required at the time of the previous orders.  If the foundation for deviation continues to exist, the court may continue to find that the deviation is still appropriate, even over the objection of one of the parents. Contact Divorce Help Center to let one of our professional mediators assist  you.