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When two individuals can no longer engage themselves in a marriage, divorce is often the first solution that each spouse reaches. In some cases, such as an uncontested divorce, both spouses have come to mutual agreements and have decided that divorce will be healthiest for the relationship. In other cases, where the two spouses cannot agree on virtually anything, including getting a divorce, a contested divorce is sought by one partner. In both situations, especially if children are involved, collaborative law should be considered as a form of divorce mediation.

When working with a Denver divorce attorney from our office, you can rest more easily knowing that you are in responsible and trustworthy hands. We have been helping couples find peaceful and timely solutions to their divorce related issues since 1987, including child custody and child support cases, asset division and spousal support issues.

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If you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse make the division to file for divorce, it is absolutely necessary to choose the path of mediation. After seeing too many of our clients treated so poorly in the public family courts, we have decided to become a mediation partnership and settle our clients’ legal matters out of court.

Studies have shown that partners who choose the path of mediation have reached a higher level of collective satisfaction than those who are forced to settle by a judge’s verdict in court. It has also been noted that the level of success of your children after divorce is directly related to the level of conflict between the divorcing parents and not the terms of the divorce.  Through mediation, our goal is to bring peace and the least amount of conflict to keep the best interests and future interests of your children in mind. For more information on the collaborative law process through mediation, contact a Denver divorce lawyer from our office today!