Denver Contested Divorce Information

What is a contested divorce?

A contested divorce involves parties disputing over one or more issues relevant to legally ending a marriage. These issues usually pertain to asset division or parenting responsibilities such as child custody or child support. Spousal support is another commonly contested issue in divorces throughout Denver. In any of these matters, the outcome may have a tremendous impact on both parties involved on a personal and financial level. That is why they are sometimes disputed in the first place.

In Denver, a contested divorce is addressed in a Final or Permanent Orders Hearing, which is presided over by a judge. Juries are not permitted at these hearings. The judge will consider witness testimony and physical evidence such as financial documents from both sides and will then make a ruling regarding the matter or matters at hand. The final decision of a Final or Permanent Orders Hearing can only be appealed in the event that the judge’s decision was abusive and contrary to the law. Because appeals are difficult to seek in these matters and a judge will be given the full authority to reach a decision regarding key financial, familial and emotional issues, we often recommend that you consider negotiation or mediation as a means of resolving disagreements in your divorce.

If one or more issues in your Denver divorce are contested, there are ways to seek a resolution without going to a hearing. At times, parties can talk it over and reach a workable agreement on their own. Other times, divorce mediation is useful. Mediation involves an uninterested third party overseeing and guiding the parties to reaching an agreement or agreements regarding disputed issues.

Contested Divorce in Denver, CO

Every case is different, and a contested divorce may or may not be the right option for your case. Due to the sensitive nature of these matters and the profound impact they may have on you and your family, it is important to get full information about these topics and to consider involving a legal professional.

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