Effects on Children

The effects of divorce on children has been studied extensively over the last few decades. Researchers now view conflict, rather than the divorce or the specifics of the parenting plan, as the most important factor in determining a childs post-divorce adjustment.  Contact a mediator at Mediation Partners to help you evaluate your particular situation. Overall, children’s psychological reaction to their parents divorce vary depending on three separate factors: 1) the quality of the relationship the child had with each of the parents before their separation, 2) the intensity and duration of the parents level of conflict, and 3) the parent’s individual ability to focus on the needs of the children rather than their anger about the divorce.  Parents who can put the needs of their children before their need to for conflict, end up with children who do well after divorce.  Once again, the level of positive adjustment of children to their parents divorce is directly related to the LEVEL OF CONFLICT betweeen the parents, NOT the specific terms of the parenting plan.