Fathers’ Rights Attorney

What are fathers’ rights?

While many courts have historically sided with the mother in child custody and child support cases during divorce, many people are sometimes shocked to believe that fathers have the exact same rights as mothers.  Anything a mother is entitled to in a relationship, the father should be entitled to the exact same.  As a mediation partner, our Denver divorce lawyer strives to help couples filing for divorce reach reasonable solutions for all of their deepest concerns.  We will work diligently with both parties to help ensure that the mother’s and father’s rights are both equally protected.

In some cases, where it is quite obvious that one specific party should gain primary decision making control and residential custody of the children, the two parents will eventually receive very different rights.  Our office also helps individuals with asset division, spousal support, parental responsibilities, child support and child custody.

Denver Divorce Lawyer Providing Exceptional Legal Representation

As a divorce mediation partnership helping couples find a timely and peaceful resolution to their divorce and divorce related issues since 1987, we originally began as a law firm dedicated to protecting our clients’ rights.  However, after seeing how poorly our clients were treated in divorce courts, we decided to change the process up.  We began settling all of the issues outside of court through the process of mediation, allowing for both parties to be more mutually satisfied in the end.

When working with us, you can rest more easily knowing that you will naturally be in a less stressful situation during divorce mediation. Contact a Denver divorce attorney at our firm for more information on how we can help you find a peaceful solution to you divorce related issues.