Fathers Should Stay Invovled – Pt 2

Father’s are important – part 2

Divorce is difficult on everyone, especially the children. Mother’s usually stay involved with their children. However, for a number of reasons, may father’s fail to maintain consistent, nurturing contact with their children. This 2 part blog points out that Fathers Matter.

Kids who felt their fathers were available had fewer problems with developing friends. Also, the more actively involved and interested a father remains in his children’s care and education, the more intellectually developed his children become.

Children of supportive fathers have fewer problems at school, including lower absences and better testing scores. Studies are beginning to show that fathers differentially impact brain development from mothers. The involvement of both is extremely important for proper developmental balance. Without the father’s more arousing and energetic play behavior, studies appear to be pointing to a lack of development of the child’s left hemisphere.

Children who have fathers they strongly and positively identify with have better self control and are less aggressive than the latter. For both boys and girls, it appears that father’s involvement is critically important during a child’s second year of life in regulating aggression.

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