Five movies to watch while going through divorce

FIVE MOVIES to watch while going through divorce

Even the most most amicable divorces stir up strong emotions, especially when there are kids involved. A Colorado professional divorce mediator in Denver can often help the parties deal with both the legal aspects and the emotional aspects of going through the divorce process. However, sometimes there is nothing more theraputic and a night with a good movie about fictional characters dealing with the same struggles you are in the middle of.

So, here is list of moves which may be theraputic, but are sure to provide a laugh or two for those working through their own divorce.

Kramer Vs. Kramer: Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep deal with the emotions of a custody battle in court with all the unwritten hurdles of the process. Although today the father may be given more rights than represented in the movie, the emotional issues have not changed.

The Philadelphia Story: The story of a divorced woman dealing with her past, present and new loves, provides some inspiration to divorcees about life after divorce. A classic romance, but with plenty of laughs to entertain everyone.

Mrs. Doubtfire: Robin Williams dresses as an elderly woman to spend more time with his children after divorce. Full of humor and sorrow, this moves fires on all emotional levels.

Wonder Boys: Dealing with the emotional issues for a man when his wife leaves him, he unduely complicates things further by getting another woman pregnant.

War of the Roses: Material prossessions become the focus of this comedy that demonstrates the cost emotionally and financially when people can become overinvested in the divorce when they fail to look to the future.

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