Free coparenting online software

Divorcing parents know how difficult it is to keep up with ever changing schedules, information updates, and the never ending change of plans of your children.  Co-Families, a software company in Colorado Springs has launch a FREE software that allows parents on-line information exchange and calender coordination without any large learning curve.  The software allows color coding of schedules, information exchanges, email and text reminders of parenting time to both parents and the children.  There are other software systems out there that I have experimented with, but when comparing their products, the ease of use of the CoFamilies software, combined with its security features, and cost (FREE), make this a perfect resource for virtually every divorcing couple who have children.  Once you log-on, set up a free account and begin using the service.  This product is not associated with Mediation Partners/Divorce Help Center, not has any payment been received for this recommendation.