Issues to Resolve in a Denver Divorce

Denver divorce will involve working out a number of important issues, including spousal supportasset division and parental responsibilities if the couple has a child or children. Any of these may be difficult to resolve, particularly custody, visitation, child support and other issues related to children, as these are often the most important matters to the parents.

In Denver, divorce-related issues may be resolved inside or outside of court. In an uncontested divorce, spouses may reach their own agreement regarding all of these matters and may be able to prepare an Affidavit for Decree without a necessary appearance by both parties in court. This simplified approach may be possible if no children are involved, no disputes are involved and the spouses have already agreed upon the division of marital property. If children are involved, a simplified divorce may still be possible if both parties are represented by attorneys, have entered into a separation agreement and have decided upon child custody and support.

What happens when a divorce dispute arises?

When disputes arise regarding any aspect of a divorce, there are two primary routes that spouses may take: litigation or negotiation. Litigation involves going to court to have a judge rule upon the matter or matters at hand, based upon the evidence that both parties present. The judge may be able to rule upon custody, support or property division depending on what issues the spouses cannot resolve on their own. Negotiation is an alternative route that involves both parties working together to reach a workable agreement without the intervention of the court. When simple negotiation alone isn’t enough, parties may consider mediation. Negotiation and mediation offer numerous benefits to spouses, helping them resolve whatever disputes they are faced with in a timely and beneficial manner. Avoiding the time, cost and stress associated with a contested divorce in court is highly recommended.

Divorce Help Center: Guiding Spouses & Partners in Denver

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