Level the Playing Field with Mediation

Often times at Mediation Partners, we get calls asking about the benefits of using mediation to settle their divorce. Many are concerned that the opposing party will take advantage of the situation, will sway the mediator to their side which will result in the party not paying their fair share of the debts, avoid turning over their fair share of the assets, and not being given appropriate amount of contact with their children.

The stress surrounding those concerns is very real to anyone involved in a divorce. But you should not have those concerns. Divorce is a stressful and emotional time and with that comes the fear of the unknown. For most of the people who contact us, this is their first time through the divorce process and they are searching for the most appropriate help for their particular situation. Additionally, their understanding of divorce mediation is rather limited.

Mediation Partners process educates both parties about divorce in Colorado, and strive to be open and transparent in our process while maintaining equitable fairness to all the parties involved. In addition to helping you reach an agreement, we also want to sure each party has an appropriate level of understanding of Colorado Divorce law. Although your mediator cannot represent either of you, we spend time talking about Colorado divorce law as it applies to your situation in an effort to level the playing field so that you can both participate fairly and come to a mutually agreeable settlement.

To insure neutrality, we will not discuss your case until we have had a first session during which both parties are present. We also provide education of law in Colorado through out numerous short videos available on this website in the Video Vault. If your case involves issues beyond our expertise, we have many knowledgeable experts in the areas of real estate, mortgage refinancing, financial planning, retirement planing, and counseling services who can assist us all in the process.

Are you are still asking, “why don’t I get an attorney who fight it out for me?” Then consider whether your lack of understanding about divorce is really a reason to start a expensive and emotionally taxing long legal battle. Education about the process with a trained professional divorce mediator will provide you the knowledge to be comfortable making good decisions. After all, once you are living separately and divorced, you will have to learn how to manage your household finances, run your home, and take care of your children on your own.

If you continue to have questions, please give us a call. We look forward to helping you resolve your divorce peacefully, efficiently and with as little impact to you and your family as possible.