Managing Divorce Anger

Thedivorce process is extremely stressful and emotional even in the easist cases. The anger between the parties is normal, but can become extremely destructive and cause significant permanent damage to both parties. If you are on the receiving end, it will drive you nuts. A couple of tips from professionals can make the jourrney through the emotional piece of divorce a bit easier.

If you are angry at your ex, try these ideas:

1) Talk it through with friend, therapist, or a support group.

2) Try and figure out what triggers your anger.

3) Think, write it out, and say it out loud to yourself BEFORE you respond.

4) Keep your children out of the conflict at all cost. Children’s success after divorce is directly related to the degree of conflict they sense between their parents.

5) Dont sweat the small stuff.

6) Acknowledge you are sad while accepting the reality of the situation and focus on moving on .

If you are on the receiving end of the anger:

1) Walk away if you cannot handle the conflict.

2) Try to difuse the conflict by listening, but:

3) Limit how you will be treated in the argument.

4) Separate the issues and address each on individually.

5) Dont take the personal attacks too seriously.

6) Stay calm and try to bring the argument down to a discussion.

This is easier said than done. However, a trained mediator at Divorce Help Center can assist you and your ex in having these difficult discussions.