Melting Pot Families

Blended families are a natural melting pot and direct product of divorce. Stepchildren, half siblings, and step siblings are all part of divorce, and it furthers the “melting pot” that has so often described America. The grafting together of separate families after divorce exposes the players to new experiences, personalities, and situations that would never be anticipated in a traditional long term marriage.

In my own family, my parents divorced when I was in elementary school. I had two sisters at the time. A few years later my father married into 6 more kids from 2 previous marriages of his new wife. There were now 9 of us between 4 households. Are you keeping up? Now, almost 40 years later, we are all still connected, and all the better for the experience. But, it was not without its trying moments.

Although the Brady Bunch paints a always happy picture of the scenario, the real life participants need to recognize the foreign element to everyone involved that such a situation creates. The adults need to be the adults and not have unreasonable expectations of the children. The children are not going to instantly buy-in to the step-parent trying to act like a parent. They are not going to be understanding of suddenly having to share they attention to these people who have been thrust into their lives. They are not going to instantly like or trust everyone involved.

So, if you are such a parent, please read up on the subject depending on your role. And above all, BE UNDERSTANDING AND PATIENT.