“Needs” test for Spousal Suppot

If parties’ combined income exceeds $75,000 in a divorce proceeding, a party seeking maintenance MUST meet a two-pronged test in order for a Court to approve any spousal support award.  Contact a divorce mediator at Divorce Help Center to help evaluate your situation.  The court must FIRST find the spouse lacks sufficient property to provide for his or her reasonable needs AND is unable to provide support for themself through appropriate employment.  “Reasonable needs” and “appropriate employment” are to be evaluated in light of the unique circumstances of each marriage considering the facts and circumstances of the parties.  The starting point is the standard of living during the marriage which sets the baseline for what are the reasonable needs are to be met through property and appropriate employment.  Mediation is the best option available to discuss your unique situation with a trained professional who can assist you both in finding an appropriate solution for your given situation.