New Beginning – Not End of Road

Divorce is a time of crisis and loss. It is never easy and my heart goes out to anyone caught in this difficult situation. My parents divorced when I was 11 years old and it was very painful. Then I experienced the same pain as an adult when my first marriage also failed. Despite almost 25 years of passing since that time, I still recall the feelings of the situation. That is why I have dedicated my practice to divorce mediation in an attempt to ease the process for everyone involved.

But, divorce is not the end of the road. Athough you are certainly asking “now what,” there are choices you still make about how to weather this storm. Although there is nothing to make you feel normal imediately, it is time to work on yourself, look to personal growth, and to begin stabilizing your life. It will take time to do, so give yourself a break that it doesnt happen overnight.

It is also normal to still feel love and loss about your spouse. You handed your heart to them in the past, and the rejection or loss you feel now is normal. But, this will pass with time as you allow yourself to heal and see your new life after this marriage. You will need to work through this anager and loss, often with a professional therapist.

As long as you start making good choices, and keep growing in a positive direction, there is a good life on the other side. And if mediation is a step in that direction you would like to consider, please give us a call.