Parenting After Divorce

Parenting afterdivorce is difficult to transition into. While there is no way to completely sheild the kids from divorce, a few suggestions can make the change easier to deal with and minimize the stress for you and your children in your new world.

1. Avoid Long Legal Battles. Mediation is the best alternative to lawyering up for war. A trained professional can help you both evaluation your situation and arrive at a fair settlement. You can always hire an attorney to look over the final agreement before filing it with the court.

2. Watch your chldrens behavior. If they are acting out, considering seeking help of trained professional.

3. Keep discussions with your children age appropriate and dont use the time as a confessional.

4. Do not use children as the messengers or interregate them about their time with the other parent.

5. Keep score of what you are doing right, not what your ex is doing wrong.

6. Do not bad mouth the other parent to your children. Focus on a positive life with two households.

7. Do not cut off contact with the other parent. Build a business type relationship with them to allow you boht to work together for the benefit of your children. You do not have to like them to work with them.

8. Likewise, stop the conflict. Your children’s success after divorce if directly related to the conflict between their parents, not the terms of the agrement.

9. Finally, heal yourself. Work through your grief in a positive way so that you can be happier about your life after divorce. Your children will respond positively to your new attititude.