Parenting time disputes require mediation

Colorado law states that disputes regarding parenting time should be referred to mediation if the parties cannot resolve their disagreement.  Contact a Colorado Divorce mediation attorney to discuss your matter further.  Under C.R.S. 14-10-129.5, if a party files a motion concerning non-compliance with a previous parenting time order, the Court shall deteremine within 30 days of the filing where there has been or is likely to be substantial or continuing non-compliance.  If the Court deteremines such to be the case, then the Court must either set the matter for hearing as expeditiously as possible, OR

…require the parties to seek MEDIATION and report back to the court within 60 days the results of the mediation.  At the end of the mediation the Court may approve any agreement reached by the parties during the mediation.  Due the heavy case load of all the Colorado courts, this options is almost always ordered by the court.  Click here to read the entire statute.