Split Overnights with Visitation

Situations involving split parenting plans require unique child support calculations in a Colorado Divorce.  In a situation where there are two separate children and overnights visits with the non-primary parent with only one of the children, modifying the standard child support calculations is required. It is inappropriate to calculate two separate worksheets, one for each child, as it improperly assumes the minimum base amount of child support twice.  Instead, a court should give a percentage of overnight credit given the number of children the non-primary parent if having overnight. So, for instance, if there are two children and the non-primary parent is only visiting with one, then credit should be given for 1/2 an overnight for each overnight with the single child. In Re Marriage of Wells, 10 CA 249. If your Colorado Divorce involves such circumstances, a professional mediator at Mediation Partners can assist you in properly calculating child support.