Spring back after Holidays


Going through divorce during holidays can be difficult. Now that you have survived the terrible 3 (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years), it is time for the new you. I’ve been in your shoes and nothing makes you come feel alive again a new attitude. Easier said than done, I know. But here are few tips to kick start the new attitude in you.

Start with a new look. This is a must. Guys, get a new haircut that sharp for dating. Ladies, if it’s been long, go short. If it’s been short, change it up. And don’t forget the new outfit to go with the new dew.

Talk long walks. Not just around the block or to the store, but for miles. Plug in the ear buds, download a good podcast about something you have been wanting to listen to or learn about, grab a water bottle and head out. Walk away from home for 1 hour and then turn around to head back. After 2 hours at any pace you will feel tired, but alive.

Meet people with your interests. Look for an interesting class through a local community center, the Colorado Free University ( http://www.freeu.com/ ), or the Academy for Life Long Learning ( http://www.academyll.org/ ). With so many low cost opportunities in the Denver area, you cannot help by find something that sparks your interest and the people who share your interest.

Plant something new. Even if you live in an apartment, buy a small kitchen garden. Caring for it and watching it grow will help you feel motivated to care for yourself and grow as well.

Start a new hobby/activity. Whether its painting, fencing, writing, or jogging, just get started on something that you think may inspire you.

Finally, clean out the cell phone and email box. If someone is in your address book or cell phone that is only connected to your old life, and who you know you are not going to contact – delete, delete, delete.