Step Parenting Tools Website

Stepparenting can be one of the toughest situations to handle during both a divorce and when there are post decree modification issues. A Denver Divorce Mediator can assist you with this often difficult issues.

There are a number of  great resources out there that offer advice on both good and bad techniques for step-parenting.  Our resources page provides links to many helpful websites.  One particularly good set books can be found at Coparent Eduction.   In particular, here is a great website for anyone in a stepparenting situation.  This includes the natural parent, step parent, or parent who is the third wheel.  Site includes videos, tools, and a great dea of useful information.

Additionally,do not forget the children.  Most bookstores as well as offer numerous selections that can only help unravel the difficulties for children who must also wrestle with the confusion of a third or fourth parent figure who has now been thrown into their world.  A good age appropriate book can help them too.