Study shows mediaiton more successful without lawyers

A study recently published in the Family Court Review, revealed the divorce or family issued based mediations produced successful outcomes 69.4% of the time when neither party had a lawyer.  In contrast, when both parties were represented, a resolution was reached only 34.2% of the time.  Caution should be taken with these results as it was from a limited sample of 346 cases at the Family and Children Mediation Clinic in Indiana in 2003.  However the results were based upon scientific analysis established at the beginning of the research. When only one party was represented, favorable outcomes were reached in 45% of the cases.

Other variable results included resolutions reached in initial dissolutions 64.4% of the time, in modification of dissolutions 56.5% of the case, and in 59.8% of the parternity cases.  Of the fully resolved cases, 60.4% were resolved in one session and 40.6 were resolved in 2 or more session.  Partial agreements were reached in antoher 14.4% of the unrepresented cases.

Clearly mediation can be successful without either party being represented by attorneys.  Consider this option and give us call.