Television greatest divorced characters

Television and divorce go hand in hand. Watching others experience the issues of divorce and single parenthood with a little humor can lighten the mode of your personal situation. Below is a list of my favorite divorced characters in television. If you are dealing with your own divorce and having a bad day, finding a few of these episodes on Hulu on another web TV site can quickly improve your mood and outlook on life.

Jules Cobb on Cougar Town. The character traits were carried over from Courtney Co’s Friends persona. Jules weathers the post divorce life in south Florida with laughs and never empty wine glass that could double as a fish tank.

Friend’s Ross Geller – Depending on how long you have to be married to count toward a divorce, he was divorced 2 or 3 or 4 times before 30.

Dr. Frasier Crane on Cheers then to Frasier – You had to love his crazy ex-wife, Lilith, from Cheers and how she continues to torment his sanity for years thereafter.
Mad Men’s Don Draper – dealt with his divorce in Greenwich Village with booze and high-end hookers. Good lessons in what not to do after divorce.

Louie C.K. on Louie captures the authenticity of life after divorce with laughs and tears.

Lou Grant on The Mary Tyler Moore Show – One of TV’s first divorced personalities, he lead the shift to reality on television showing the stress of dating after divorce.

Rhoda Morgenstern on Rhoda – A Mary Tyler Moore spinoff, Rhoda was a leader in showing single women who put their new life together after a divorce.

The Simpson’s Kirk Van Houten. Ok , it’s a cartoon. But still good humor.

King of the Hill’s Bill Dauterive. Another cartoon good for laughs.