Travel After Divorce

“Even the simplest divorce still involves a lot of heartache,” was said to me by Linda, who picked up for quick trip surfing in Costa Rica following her divorce. The ocean was healing and the all-female Surf Diva camp filled with support and diversions from the heartache of the separation.

Traveler creates a change of environment which helps clear your head, rejuvenate your spirit, and puts some emotional and physical space between you and your ex.

The options can be numerous from a simple long camping weekend in the mountains, to a heart pumping spa week at Miraval Spa in Tucson, AZ, where you can pair adrenaline-pumping activities like rock climbing with healing treatments and personal counseling.
Or maybe you need something a little more aggressive like a guided mountain bike trek in Moab, or off-roading in Vermont’s Green Mountains, or a communal yoga retreat in the Bahamas. How about a cabin off the grid to allow you to disconnect from cell phones, the internet and other modern age distractions. Hot Springs? Try the Pagosa Hot Springs in Pagosa, Colorado or the world famous Glenwood Hot Springs in Glenwood Colorado.

Even classic romantic destinations like Italy or Mexico can be liberating coming out of a divorce. However, there are some places to avoid like your honeymoon spot or anywhere the two of you traveled together previously. Salt is for rimming a margarita, not rubbing into old wounds.

So after dealing with the trauma of divorce/separation, whether its short and close for long and far, Mediation Partners cannot think of anything better to recharge the soul than a trip to clear your mind.